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Rabbet can provide:

* Artwork Handling: Using appropriate techniques and tools to prevent damage during transportation, installation, and storage.


* Installation & Display: Within galleries, museums, exhibitions, and private collections. 


* Conservation & Preservation: Implementing best practices for the conservation and preservation of artworks, including handling protocols, and appropriate materials for storage and display. 

* Artwork Documentation: Maintaining accurate and detailed records of artworks, including condition reports & documentation of treatments or repairs.


* Artwork Restoration & Maintenance: 

Collaborating with conservators and restorers to carry out necessary repairs & treatments to preserve and restore artworks to original condition.


* Exhibition Build: Fabrication of basic exhibition furniture including gallery walls, plinths and display cases. 


* Health & Safety: Adhering to health and safety protocols and guidelines, creating RAMS, ensuring the well-being of personnel, visitors, and artworks during installation, handling, and transportation.

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